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When you plan something you think very much what will you do? how will you do? When will you do ? have no time ? yes ? Facing these type of questions, when you plan something and if you are to be a bride or to be groom. So it’s very exciting and very difficult for you. Don’t worry just calm down and give your all worries to us. We are here for helping you to face these questions and problems. You can make your wedding more special and different from us as we are best wedding planner in Delhi.

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

We will get married once and Wedding is the most special day in our lives. Also, we have different types of wedding dreams. When we get married, we find our life partner, soul mate, after marriage. Most importantly, we have to spend the whole life with that partner. Therefore, we all want to do something special on that day. So, make it special with best wedding planner in Delhi. Besides that, we are here to help you with each and every day in your wedding planning. Also, be sure your wedding dreams come true definitely Because your problems are our problems.

Plan your wedding with the best wedding planner in your city Delhi

We provide:-  Theme & Décor, Jai Mala Theme, Bachelor Party, Photo section, Catering, Bride’s things, Bride and Groom entry, Dance Choreography, Guest Management, EntertainmentPhotography, invitation cards, hotels, venues, and everything whatever you want.

Theme & Décor:- We have beautiful wedding themes it can be matched with the red of bride’s lips and the red of her cheeks. This means beautiful weddings theme with pink and red roses including lights and LED Technology in your wedding. This will look like fairy tale wedding and you love it.

Jai Mala Theme:- Jai Mala is the most beautiful and emotional party of wedding and surely it will be looking so pretty with the only roses. We at Horizon Eventz have vast experience of this wedding theme decoration and thus makes us best wedding planner in Delhi.

Bachelor Party :- Nowadays the bachelor party is in trend and bachelor party we celebrate before the wedding and we have bachelor party dancers, bartenders, hostess, drink, games and etc.

Photo Section

We are different from the others wedding planners so we have different thing in our planning photo section is when you click the photos and give poses in front of the camera so your background should be nice that’s why we have photo section also in this we have so many flowers and names tag, beautiful flower pot etc. Being best wedding planner in Delhi, we assure you to provide a good thematic photo section.

Catering :-  Catering is the delicious part of wedding and every party we have so much of verities in food  Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, etc. and we have tie-ups with the top chef of Delhi they will cook with your comfort and taste zone and every guest will happy in your wedding.

Bride’s Things :- Everyone is excited about the wedding but most excited person is bride and groom. We are talking about the bride because the bride is very confused about her lehenga, chuda, mehandi, how she will look on her wedding like makeup, hairstyle So, especially for bride we have top makeup artists for bride and makeup artist will be providing makeup, hairdo, lehenga draping, and all about bride things and it is a special part for the bride. We, the preeminent wedding planner in Delhi, can provide you minutes things for your weddings.

Bride and Groom Entry

When bride arrives in the wedding venue the whole crowd stops and pause their eyes on the bride. Therefore, we make bride’s entry in a special way like add cute children with the brides. Furthermore, entry with the dancing of her favorite song if she wants to so because mostly bride feel shy for dancing her own wedding. It is totally bride’s wish.  Same as with the groom for him. We have a luxurious bike because boys love bikes and wedding crowed will be surprised. This will show your classy side as well.

Dance Choreography :-  Dance is most fun part of wedding. Also, if your dance is choreographed by the dancer it will look amazing. Most importantly, we know dancers that will teach you for performance in your wedding. Additionally, they will teach bride and groom, children, uncle – aunts and all the relative who wants to dance on wedding.

Guest Management :- Our team always co-ordinates with your guests and make them feel special. Therefore, we provide unmatched co-ordination all the days from their hotel’s check-in and in all needs. Additionally, we will take care of each and every member especially senior citizens.

Entertainment :- Every wedding is mostly all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Our best wedding planner in Delhi have team of professional entertainers. Also, we assure you to give the best music, song, DJ, Dhol, and your favorite band. Therefore, you will enjoy each and every moments because a wedding party is for a whole night.

Special things

Drummers who beat the drum with the ongoing music and play the specific beats for the guest.

Dancers – Dancer who knows all the style like Punjabi, Gujarati, freestyle, salsa and they will increase entertainment at the weddings.

Live Singer – Live Singers is always in demand in Weddings. Also, our singers are so talented and they will fulfill your special demanding songs as well.

Photography : Your big day’s photos will be in safe hands. Our wedding photographers capture every precious and meaningful moment and every important face. When you see the photographs you never think for just a minute it is a photograph ? you will think it is a live moment which you love the most. In addition, they will always with you and take everything in his camera with high-quality range.

Invitation Cards :- It’s your wedding and your invitation should be rocking and unique. Therefore, we provide and make special and unique invitation wedding cards. Most importantly, most of your relative enjoy receiving your wedding invitation cards.

Venue :-  According to us most time-consuming part is choosing the wedding venue. Furthermore, we have contacts with the hotels, farmhouse, banquets and special locations. So, you can choose and book your favorite venue for your special day.

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